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Maritime Alarm prides itself on providing its customers with the best products and services. It is our sole objective to offer our customers peace of mind when dealing with their home or business protection. Our High-Tech products will deliver peace of mind and reliability. Providing you with years of protection.  

Our systems can be monitored 24/7 for such things as Burglary (Police), Fire, Medical and Emergencies (i.e. Low Temperature, Lose of Power, Flooding, Non Movement, Water Level, Etc.) and all this is done through competitive pricing, quality customer service, and reliability you can trust.

Our Basic Package Includes

1- Hi Tech Paradox Alarm Panel
1- 20 Watt Siren
1- 120 Volt to 16 Volt Power Transformer ( to power up alarm panel )
1- Nickel Cadmium Back up Battery (for Power Failures)
1- Keypad to arm and disarm the Security System
1- Telephone Alarm Jack.
1- Delay Zone contact on Side Door for Entering and Exiting the house
2 - Digital Motion Detectors
1 - Smoke Detector

You can rent this unit for Just $29.95 Per Month Monitoring included

Plus activation fee of $75.00

System and Maintenance included in Rental Price, Rental Agreement is required

Satisfactory home ownership and credit history maybe required.

Monitored alarm systems can reduce your Insurance Premiums.

Plus we give you a letter for your Insurance Company
which may entitle you to receive up to a 20% discount on your Insurance.

We are now using Digital Detectors instead of analogue.
Digital detectors are more expensive but you do not get false alarms with these types of detectors.

1- On site demonstration after installation of system
2- Sets of instruction sheets.

All necessary wiring and Labour to install the above alarm equipment.

Also you can expand on the system in the future for heat detectors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors etc.

1. This system can be uploaded or downloaded with information from any of our company’s computers or the
key pad .

2. Trouble Shooting for problems can be carried out from any of our company’s computers or the key pad.

3. Any programming changes that may be requested can be done through any of our company’s computers or
the key pad such as pass code numbers etc.

4. This system is designed for split arming, has several

 partitions, it has full expansion capabilities for adding such
things as glass breakage detectors, heat sensors, smoke detectors, water detectors, etc.

5. This system has multiple key pad functions for emergencies such as:
Press 1 & 3 on key pad for - RCMP
Press 4 & 6 on key pad for - Ambulance
Press 7 & 9 on key pad for - Fire Department

NOTE: Additions if required.

To add smoke detectors to job, if required, please add $ 65.00 plus HST for each smoke detector                                                 To add extra door contact to job, if required, please add $ 30.00 plus HST for each door contact                                                      To add heat detectors to job, if required, please add $ 45.00 plus HST for each heat detector
To add an extra LCD key pad , if required, please add $ 115.00 Plus HST
To add an extra LED key pad , if required, please add $ 89.00 Plus HST
To add an extra Motion Detector to job, if required, please add $ 59.00 Plus HST for each motion



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