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Personal Emergency Response System
As we all know our population is becoming older and more independent, living longer, and wish to stay in their primary residence as long as they are able to.

Maritime Alarm takes great pride to be able to offer our aging population a Personal Emergency Response System.

Cost Of Complete System

Total cost of the above unit installed and working is Only $29.95 Per Month 

-The Personal Emergence Response System is totally Maintained and Warranted by Maritime Alarm

-You only pay for the use of the system!

Which is costing you less then a cup of coffee per day for the peace of mind that your loved ones are safe and you are providing them with the independence they surely deserve.

This system far out ways any costs for the benefits listed below

-People can enjoy living in their home longer.

-Live independently with out fear.

-Letting loved ones have the peace of mind, that even though you are not there, your loved ones are being watched over carefully.

Personal Emergency Response System Package Includes

-Personal Emergency System Base Unit. Complete with two-way "Voice Communications".

-Built in two-way speaker communication system, which can be programmed to play up to eight fifteen second audio      reminder messages for such things as appointments, taking medication on time, calling loved ones, etc.

-With the Personal Emergency Response System you have the choice of a Wristband or Pendant.

-The Personal Emergency Response System is monitored by a certified monitoring company 24 hours a day, 7days a week, which in the event of an alarm or panic situation the appropriate person or persons will be dispatched to attend to your emergency situations.

-The Personal Emergency Response System has a battery back system in the event there is a power failure.


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