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"Smash and Grab" robberies have had a major impact on insurance premiums for many retail gas stations and convenience stores throughout Atlantic Canada. In some industrial parks, numerous locations are being "hit" in one night.  Smash and grab, is typically opportunistic, looking for a quick hit.  Police say they simply cannot provide the response required in many areas.  Retail and industrial business owners are left to secure themselves.

Expanda Security - Atlantic offers the alternative to unsightly "fixed" bars.  Our range of expandable gates serve to block and visually deter unwelcome intruders.  These gates fold away, out of sight, when not in use.

Front and back doors are typical targets.  Our unique heavy duty, double diamond security gates with the thumbturn locking post, hook latch and mortoise cylinder, provide the second line of defense against entering the retail premises while meeting fire marshall codes.

All window security gates come with our attractive slam lock that can be keyed alike for multiple installations

Just a few of the many applications of our products include:

Retail Stores, Gas Stations, Warehousing Facilities, Manufacturing Plants, Distribution Centers, Shopping Malls, Sporting Events


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